COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

Dear friends,

Your safety is at the heart of our business - from the quality of the superabsorber down to the ink pigments we use. In view of that, we would like to share some information with you regarding our manufacturing process, new research about the coronavirus, and how it could affect your safety. 

As you may know, our diapers are made in the European Union. Because our products are manufactured as medical devices, and not novelty items, we are subject to stringent quality and product safety standards. In addition, our warehouse team, responsible for packaging and shipping, also maintains high hygiene standards commensurate with medical devices.

We mention this because a new, not yet peer-reviewed study looked at the survival times of the coronavirus on various surfaces. The study’s results show that the COVID-19 virus appears to survive longest on plastic (polypropylene) and stainless steel, where it can survive for two to three days following the initial contamination. The study also found evidence that the virus can survive on cardboard for up to twenty-four hours after the contamination.

While this is definitely cause for concern, you can rest assured knowing that the machines we use for manufacturing our diapers are fully enclosed behind glass. This reduces the risks of any aerosols/droplets entering the manufacturing process significantly. Furthermore, it always takes more than three days from production until our products reach customers.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, additional measures have been put in place to minimize contamination risks:

  • Non-factory staff are not permitted to enter factory premises.

  • Truck drivers must hand over cargo documents to factory staff maintaining at least a 1.5 m safety distance

  • Following that, drivers must remain in the cabin while the loading/unloading process takes place.

  • After loading/unloading the driver may leave the cabin and lock the truck. The driver must then immediately leave the factory premises.

  • Drivers are not permitted to enter offices but are handed the proper documentation outside.

  • Packing lists are only signed by factory staff to keep contact to a minimum.

While we do not offer warehouse pick-ups, regular parcel shipping from our warehouse has not been disrupted and we will continue to ship your orders as usual.

Please note that there may be supply disruptions in Asia and North America. Container vessels are unable to depart Europe for these destinations in March; however, we anticipate services to these destinations to resume at the beginning of April.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to our customers, staff and partners during this unprecedented time. Please stay safe and adhere to the guidance of your local healthcare authorities.

Wishing you good health and happiness,
The BetterDry Team

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