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BetterDry 7 Day Windeln für Erwachsene

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PZN: 13868072
EAN: 4260440330082
REF: 30500
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• Jede Kiste BetterDry M7 fasst 80 Windeln (4 Polybeutel mit je 20 Windeln).

• Jeder BetterDry L7 fasst 72 Windeln (4 Polybeutel mit je 18 Windeln).

    BetterDry 7 Day Windeln für Erwachsene
    BetterDry 7 Day Windeln für Erwachsene
    BetterDry 7 Day adult diaper 3D model
    BetterDry 7 Day adult diaper polybag 3D model
    BetterDry Day L7 adult diaper front
    BetterDry Day L7 adult diaper side
    BetterDry Day L7 adult diaper back
    BetterDry Day L7 adult diaper unfolded
    BetterDry Day L7 adult diapers stacked
    BetterDry Day L7 adult diapers polybag back
    BetterDry 7 Day Windeln für Erwachsene
    BetterDry Day L7 adult diapers polybag front
    BetterDry 7 Day Windeln für Erwachsene

    Stay Confident

    Discover BetterDry 7 Day Adult Diapers, designed for light to medium forms of incontinence, ensuring your comfort and confidence throughout the day.

    Schutz für den Tag

    Für Sicherheit, wenn Sie sie brauchen.

    • Mittlere Saugfähigkeit

    • Konzipiert für den Einsatz tagsüber

    • Extra hohe Leckbarrieren

    • Geruchsschutz

    • Gute Flüssigkeitsretention

    • Elastische Vorder- und Rückseite

    Mehr Informationen

    There's so much to know about our quality adult diapers!

    🌞 Daytime Comfort and Confidence

    BetterDry 7 Day diapers are designed to effectively manage daytime urinary and/or fecal incontinence. Enjoy uninterrupted daily activities without the concern of leaks, as these briefs provide reliable dryness.

    ✨ Discreet Protection

    Embrace the comfort of our discreet, white, all-around slightly elastic plastic outer cover. The design of these diapers lets them remain quiet under your clothing, ensuring your confidence and comfort wherever you go.

    🔒 Secure Fit

    Experience convenience and security with the large, refastenable tape tabs. These tabs guarantee a snug fit, allowing you to move freely without compromise. The dual elastic waistbands located in the front and back, offer a snug, comfortable, and discreet fit. The extra tall standing leg cuffs provide extra protection for active people.

    💧 Wetness Awareness

    The ink wetness indicator assists caregivers in timely changes.

    🌬️ Odor Protection

    Enjoy superior odor protection thanks to advanced components that effectively contain and neutralize unwanted smells.

    🌎 A Greener Choice

    Contribute to sustainability by choosing BetterDry. Our packaging efficiency reduces the environmental impact, aligning with your eco-conscious values. Our dedication to sustainability extends to our ongoing efforts to create eco-friendly products without compromising performance.

    💚 Ethical Manufacturing

    Join us in supporting fair wages and responsible sourcing. Our European-manufactured diapers reflect our commitment to ethical practices and reliable raw material procurement.

    Elevate your daily experience with BetterDry 7 Day Adult Diapers. Indulge in comfort, discretion, and reliability with each use. Order now and enjoy confident, carefree days.