Behind BetterDry Adult Diapers

Quality Above All Else

You may be asking yourself why we manufacture diapers. In the beginning it was all a coincidence. A big German eBay vendor asked us whether we knew a manufacturer for a new line of incontinence products. Then Jan-Philipp wrote a concept for these products, which foresaw very high quality products. This proposal was, however, rejected by that vendor since they were looking for price leadership.

In 2012 it became evident that more and more manufacturers of incontinence products started to offer inferior products to accommodate the new German healthcare regulations. These new insurance regulations foresee a fixed rate of about 30 Euros per month for all incontinence supplies - which is of course a ridiculously low amount!

This made us want to oppose that trend and go ahead with a modified concept that we could realize using our own resources. We believe that incontinence care is simply too important for the quality of life to rely on companies that mostly focus on economic aspects to optimize their products. We care for your quality of life!

Interpersonal relationships are very important to us so we would like to introduce our core team to you.

About Us

  • Jan-Philipp Lauer

    Jan-Philipp has a master's degree in air transport management, is a licensed flight operations officer, quality and safety auditor and air traffic control expert. He has been incontinent himself for a very long time. Thus, Jan-Philipp is responsible for product design and quality management.

  • Holger Seybold

    Holger has a degree in business administration and a lot of experience in purchasing, production, and sales. Holger is responsible for logistics and sales.